Silicon Valley Youth Ambassadors
2018 trip to Japan

at 1:00 PM Sunday April 22, 2018.

We expect it to last one hour.

Location: Shareworld Learning Center:  21601 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA

              (At the intersection of Fwy 85 and Stevens Creek Blvd)

Thank you for your interest in the Youth Ambassador trip to Japan.
Our next trip to Japan is scheduled for June 11-June 28, 2018.  Here is a poster for the trip (pdf): click here

If you would like to be notified about this program, kindly send an email to our secretary: and ask to keep you informed about the next trip or other Youth projects, such as a Japanese Language Contest in the fall.

For the next travel events, there will likely be three Orientations and Information meetings in 2018.
Parents and youth are welcome to attend as the itinerary plans are discussed and questions may be addressed.
With thanks to the Learning Center and Instructor Dr. Mayumi Yoshida , we will normally hold these in one of the student rooms of Shareworld Learning Center.
Orientation Site: Shareworld Learning Center, Cupertino, CA (on-line map)

Images from previous trips:


 Steps to Join the June 2018 trip:

Facts and current Itinerary [ updated 1/29/2017 ]

This 2 week trip to Japan will include travel to various parts of the main island of Japan (Honshu) and in spending some time in San Jose’s Sister City of Okayama, Japan which will feature home stays, immersion in many local businesses, schools, public NPOs, cultural and other aspects. It is supported by Okayama residents including executives of various companies and persons who understand the value of developing international friendships. This friendship dates back to 1957 (about 60 years ago!). The itinerary as described is an ‘as it it now’ list is below. Some activity details may change. The geographic destinations are now fixed.

All High School Youth from the San Francisco Bay area are welcome to join this annual trip, regardless of their living or schooling location. If you are interested in getting more information, read on. If you would like to register for the trip, now is a good time to reserve a seat. At this time the trip will occupy 11th-25th of the month of June. If you are a parent, check with your child to see if school or summer activities may interfere.

To join the group, you are required to have the traveler register with our youth organization. The Youth Ambassadors will indeed represent our locale to Japan and we wish to have them involved in our local scene and activities even after the trip; wherever and whenever possible. There is a fee of $100 to belong to the group’s program and must be paid to get started. We use these funds to pay for visits to some attractions and home-stay costs. You may pay this registration fee at our fund raising site: .

The trip details for 2018 program in June are basically finalized. (Of course there are always the chance that some details may change) Here are the steps for joining the program and a current snapshot of the program.

Detailed Information: (below there is a summary of daily locations during the trip 6/11-26
This will explain the overall program including costs, schedules and some of the detailed activities. If you are interested, proceed to step 2.

  1. REGISTRATION:click ] Fill out now to get the communication started  (this does not obligate you to travel in this program, but allows us to establish communication with your family.) And also register with the travel agency (later in this page).
  2. NOTE: The student must have a passport to register with the travel agency. If you don't have one, get one soon.
  3. Submit a short article describing why you to wish to participate in this program with Japan.
  4. After you are accepted, you will receive a notice email noting your acceptance and giving further details.

     5. Home stay - Questionnaire [ click ] to fill out after you are accepted in the Youth Ambassador Program.

 We have already reserved seats with the airline.

In addition, to be registered in this trip, requires a reservation deposit which is paid directly to or forwarded to the travel company, Kintetsu International.

Here is  a registration page for the travel agency:

Parents: please discuss with the agency what and when fees are refundable up until April 1 prior to the trip. After that date, refunds are limited. The travel agency will provide information about cancellations later than that and also information about the total travel package but we are just starting to make sure everything is in order. The Youth Ambassador group does not receive monetary advancement from this trip. Most of the activity is volunteered and fees collected are related to program expenses.  It is about the Youth for us, and the time and personal funds spent on this project is incredibly wonderful.

Please review this information (above) describing the payment details of the application fee to us and the travel fee as supplied by the travel agency.

The best thing to get started is to enter the information below and send the two fees.

While we have only been doing these short visits to Japan for seven years (actually the first was cancelled because of the tsunami/nuclear power plant concerns issue in Japan in 2011), the relationship has a decades long history of youth traveling between the two countries. We strongly believe that the person to person relationships that spawn from these trips make a wonderful base for a successful future for the youth.

You may register with us by clicking on the link at the top of this page. This registration does not commit you to join the trip, but will make available information by email and meetings about this trip.

PLEASE NOTE: This program event is NOT sponsored by any city, school, school district or for-profit business.
The City of Okayama kindly supports the project in friendship with the years of person to person friendships created between them and the US.

Here is the current Itinerary.
 ( It is subject to change in detailed activities without notice.)

Youth Ambassador Japan tour - June 2018 Overview

3/??/2018: Orientation 1   (not fixed at this time)

4/??/2018: Orientation 2   (not fixed at this time)

5/??/2018: Pre-trip Briefing     (may be in early June)

    Note the flight from Japan arrives the same date in the US due to the time zone change. [SFO: San Francisco airport]

Depart  6/11(Mon): SFO JAL-001
Arrival 6/12(Tue): Tokyo(Haneda)-> Osaka(Kansai Air Port)
6/13(Wed): Osaka-> Okayama (via Shinkansen)
6/14(Thur): Okayama 
6/15(Fri): Okayama Home-stay
6/16(Sat): Okayama Home-stay
6/17(Sun): Okayama Home-stay 
6/18(Mon): Okayama-> Hiroshima  (via Shinkansen)(one day tour)
6/19(Tue): Hiroshima-> Kyoto  (via Shinkansen)(One day tour)-> hotel in Osaka.
6/20(Wed): Ramen Museum Osaka
6/21(Thur): Osaka-> Tokyo (Ghibli Museum) 
6/22(Fri): Tokyo tour (Docomo, Asakusa-Sundenshi company visits) 
6/23(Sat): Sendai(Onagawa) (one day tour, going from and returning to Tokyo)
6/24(Sun): Free Time in Tokyo
6/25(Mon): Tokyo(Haneda)-> SFO JAL-002
<Official Program in Okayama>
6/13(Wed): Visit Mayor Okayama at 12:30
           Sogenji Temple (Zazen) 2:00pm-3:00pm (pending)
6/14(Thur): lecture at Okayama University 10:00am-11:00am
            school exchange at Gakugeikan 12:00pm-4:30pm
6/15(Fri): School Exchange at Kyokuto Junior High 11:45am-4:00pm 
           Okayama Welcome Ceremony 6:00pm-7:00pm
<Homstay Program>
From 6/15(Fri) night to 6/17(Mon) Morning
<Hotel stay notes>

     1nights stay in  Osaka Hotel (Hotel Nikko at Kansai Air Port)

     2nights stay in Okayama (Mitsui Garden Hotel)

     1night stay in Hiroshima (Hiroden Hotel)

     2nighrs stay in Osaka (Sunroute Umeda)

     4nights stay in Tokyo (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)

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